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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year


  • My beloved first Chinese teacher (English teacher) 
  • -YBE

all my fellow friends
- Chong JY- best friend during me early career in htjs
-Wong YF- she is CJY friend, eventually became me friend too
-Lee,Lim, Tan, Yong, Hong etc- missed u all

to drpang, - who was really nice

And to those who celebrate CNY


No Idea

Will update later ya


Mia Goes To School

Ini adalah Mia
Mia adalah seorang sepupu
Mia sudah mula bersekolah pada tahun ini

Mia sudah menjadi big girl
Semoga Mia akan rajin rajin belajar
Dan membanggakan mama dan abah Mia

(Oh Mia sudah besar, DOB adalah sama dengan tarikh sepupunya started her career)


Engagement 2012: Ama.

We start our 2012 with another sister engagement,

Our journey home was a challenge since it was raining nonstop the day & night before
The most challenging part was when we had to cross the flood
And we wont use that road again in future

The event started as planned
Very simple one
Since only 3 of us (the siblings were around)

Date - 1 Jan 2012 (happy blated bday CIKDA)Make up - SELFDress- Jubah (grey)Theme - Arabianphotographer - their official op (since we did not have enough staffs)Hantaran - 3 


 This was what attracted me the most
The hantaran from her fiancee 
a bucket full of our traditional kuih

buah tanjung
jala mas
tahi itik!

me likey!


Engagement 2011: Lala.

Picture of event- HERE.

Make up by: CIKTIEY. and auntie Nana.
Attire: Self.
Photographer: HER BROTHER.

They got married last November.
Congratulations.. Mabrook...

And now expecting in August?..


Engagement 2011: Silah.

In September.
Another cousin engaged.

Make up: self by her.
Attire: bought.. nice pink.
Photographer: me used my phone camera.

Her OP was someone else.. hehe.

Awaiting the wedding.
Scheduled this March.. exactly on her auntie's birthday(the one next to her in the picture).


Engagement 2011: Siti.

sister got engaged.
in August 2011.
Just before Ramadhan.
to a friend's brotha.

Attire: Ready made.
Hantarans: self decorate.. 7.
Make up: CIKNONO..
Photographer; CIKMA

Awaiting date of wedding....

**This is AP


Engagement 2011: Wani.

Recap 2011.
It was in February.
A lovely cousin got engaged to a her lovely man.

This coming CNY..
They're getting married.
Will update on it..
Photographer: UNCLE WAN . Nikon DSLR (couldnt remember the model :))
Engagement attire: sponsored
ID by her cousins and led by her UMIMOKLONG.
MC: uncle. ( aunti's husband)

Hoping that the wedding entry wont be next year..

*Gimme idea of wedding gifts..


Sweet Lovely Cousins.

They are my cousins.
Believe it or not.

Adam- when u able to read this, remember that we ( me & housemates) used to take care of you few years back( you were 5 monts old i guess.. )... in our 5th storey apartment .. while u parents attending an event..
credit to us..

Thanks to my housemates.. u rocks..


Page 8 of 366.

Picture by my UNCLE.


Page 7 of 366.

Alhamdulillah masih bernafas kita semua. Pagi pagi dah nak tulis tulis. Tadi melayan tuit tuit dgn chesue budak budak ini. Then emesis melanda sekejap. Bertahan lagi.. Adoyai.. Ini kali memang lebih hangat dari biasa. Redha aja la. Itu lebih baik..
Sudah ke page 7 of 366 ye?. Kali ini, x dapat nak menikmati hari hariku dengan teliti. Yup.. Perlu masa berlalu pergi dengan pantas ok.

Kalendar Januari sudah terisi dengan beberapa tarikh penting. Harapnya sihatle supaya dapat menyertai mereka bersama kegembiraan tersebut. Yang perlu difikirkan sekarang adalah: idea hadiah perkahwinan itu nanti.. Apakah idea tersebut? Think think think..

Belum breakfast lagi.. Yok sama sama.. What's urs?

*no pict*


Successful update..


Enjoice.. Once upon a time..

Page 6 of 366.

Alhamdulillah dear all.. We meet again..

Hope our Friday will be blessed. In everything we do..

This short post mainly as trial..
Few ideas in mind..

*apabila melihat ciptaanNya, maka hati akan terasa lebih dekat padaNya.. IA

Page 5 of 366.

Dear All,
It's been a while.
How are you dear?. Any readers? What about pages above (page 5 of 366)?. As always, dear sister HERE explains.. thanks.

What is your new year stories so far?. Hope that previous resolutions all fullfilled. As for myself, Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allaah that few were achieved.. yet few more to come. 
Last December was a month to celebrate.. of birthdays.. anniversaries and some other special occasions.. Thanks to family and friends for visiting and for warm wishes to us.. Appreciated..

and really this feeling is killin me softly.. the feelin of emesis instead of the tds antiemesis. From a person who hates tablet, now as her bestfriend..

*Time flies faster.. please.. :-(