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Current addicting toys at the moment. Wasting ur time. Fun tho.. Try it..

Me can interact with ol buddies too..

And, please guess the pic below.. 'geligis la lukihse ni'

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D'Muara Ikan Bakar, Umbai Melaka.

D'Muara Ikan Bakar, Umbai Melaka.

Another place where we tried the delicious food. Seafood. Actually this was on 2nd night. We planned to return to Parameswara, but believe me if u did not book earlier, u'll be dissappointed. Yes, we did.
However, we chose this place in the end.

Not that bad. As good as the previous one I must say. The appetizer was amazing!.. Coconut jelly and otak- otak!!! Enjoyed it so much.

We had..
Coconut jelly for 3
Otak2.. All 10(take away also)
Air sirap
Pari berempah

Total : 61.

Here's d pic

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Asam Pedas Melaka.

If u are in Melaka, u must try the special dish here. Famous for its Asam Pedas. Reminded me of an old fren, used to bring us Asam Pedas whenever she returned from her hometown!..

The popular outlet found in the net was Bonda Asam Pedas and Selera Kampung.. However, as we did not want to crack our head looking for the route.. We just tried the one in food court located at Medan Samudera.

Not that bad, in fact me enjoyed it. Total lunch was 15. Oke la..

So, next time we could try another place!.. Any other suggestion?..

Pics follow..

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Dataran Pahlawan Melaka.

Walking distance from our Fenix Inn room. The kids enjoyed this place so much.

The Dataran was beautiful. There are few interesting places for kids there. Ie- wonderland, playhouse etc.

There was also aerobic activity in the evening. Good healthy people around!!!

We went here before going to Umbai Ikan Bakar.

Just love Melaka for its places but the road is not friendly to us..

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Umbai Ikan Bakar Melaka.

Our 23-25th march experience.
Night 1: went to this famous Umbai Ikan Bakar, Melaka. Suggestions from friends. The most popular place to try Ikan Bakar.

On arrival, saw tables that been booked! Lucky bcos there were few more tables that available . We chose nearer to the beach. Quite nice view then.

Order wise was by q ing up at the counter, chose the dishes and was given table no.

What we ordered were:
Siakap steamed.
Butter prawn
Ikan pari bakar
Sotong goreng tepung
Kerabu mangga.
Nasi lemak
Nasi putih
Sirap n watermelon juice

Total cost was 86.

Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu- Umbai.
Restaurant Parameswara.

Enjoy the pics then.

(maps by Google)

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Asilah^s Big Day 120312

Beware, This entry will be full of fotos,
Congratulations to Asilah and Husband,
Moga diBerkatiNya marriage ini,
Share the joy here!

(info- she is my cousin my skoolmate and my kecohmate)

l-r = doa, akad nikah baju, hantaran n nasi(ado khabu sarey)

neighbours aka bestfrens (nice background)

notice dat emily is soo interested- she misses her aunties- make over time

cousin- kaklong, and her daughter amilin ashikin =)

to acik elah and uncle wae- congrats

bridesmaid and room

not much difference- we are still young!!

the arrival


what are u discussing


smile over here- thanks

May Allah Bless ur marriage-
Congratulations again dear cousin,