Umbai Ikan Bakar Melaka.

Our 23-25th march experience.
Night 1: went to this famous Umbai Ikan Bakar, Melaka. Suggestions from friends. The most popular place to try Ikan Bakar.

On arrival, saw tables that been booked! Lucky bcos there were few more tables that available . We chose nearer to the beach. Quite nice view then.

Order wise was by q ing up at the counter, chose the dishes and was given table no.

What we ordered were:
Siakap steamed.
Butter prawn
Ikan pari bakar
Sotong goreng tepung
Kerabu mangga.
Nasi lemak
Nasi putih
Sirap n watermelon juice

Total cost was 86.

Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu- Umbai.
Restaurant Parameswara.

Enjoy the pics then.

(maps by Google)

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