Resepi Kuah Percik & Daging Bakar.

Alhamdulillah completed day 1 fasting. All home made. Thanks to Instagram where me can view sis's cooking.. Get some idea from her.
Yes, resepi ayam percik as stated above.
Bawang merah+bwg putih+halia - blend.
Serai and asam keping- all taruk dalam santan and kacau hingga pekat.
Daging bakar?
Me write next time..
Or baca dari foto tu.. ;)

The menu:
Sambal bilis tempe.
Ikan & udang bakar.
Note the kuah percik.
Sayur siram sos tiram.
Kurma & sirap selasih.

Cupcake coklat for Aidan's born day.
Mother also kirim ayam percik, sambal petai, sambal tumis, soydrink n lychee drink..
Nice aite?
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Jasmeen said...

Nice blog and good effort to use english as your main language.. but need to improve your grammar(you're using "me" instead of "I" for certain phrases). Its pretty basic and you can learn it from secondary school book or any grammar book. Don't just practice without learning.. But good effort, dear = D