Resepi Ayam Simple.

Resepi Ayam Simple.
The recipe me from me fren. KamHisham. Thanks. The recipe is called Chicken Masorma. Me dunno the meaning. She has not explained yet. Since it is very simple yet tasty.. Me made for me breakfasting today.

Resepi Ayam Masorma..Simple and delicious.
Ayam gaul dengan cili giling dan bawang merah yang tumbuk/ blend.(dalam periuk). Lepas tu masukkan air. Masak sehingga ayam separa masak.

Masukkan sos tomato, serai diketuk dan daun kunyit dan santan.

Tunggu hingga pecah minyak dan masukkan garam. Tadaa.. Dah siap. Jemput makan..


*please note that me did not mention the amount cos its up to me

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Resepi Nasi Ayam : Simple.

Resepi Nasi Ayam : Simple.

After visiting me father in the ward, me came back with the idea to cook for me dinner( fasting 6/25).

Asked mother about the Resepi Nasi Ayam. Without jotting down me forgot once reached home. Had to ask sister again.

Resepi Nasi Ayam Simple.
Firstly me rebus ayam with halia, bawang putih and lil bit garam. Wait till boil.(bear in mind; stok ini akan diguna as soup and masak nasi).

Meanwhile me tumis margarine + 4 serangkai (kayumanis, bunga cengkih2, bunga lawang & buah pelaga 5).
Add tumisan ni pada beras dan isi air stok then masak macam biasa.

Toskan ayam yg rebus tadi(half half la).
Perap with sos tiram dan kicap. Then goreng ayam tu sekejap je.

Tambah kentang, sup bunjut dan 3 serangkai dalam rebusan tadi. Perasakan.

Ambil lebihan perapan ayam, tambah stok ayam dan panaskan.

Blender cili
Add garam gula cuka dan dadu tomato
Panaskan sekejap.

Tadaa.. Done.
Sorry no photo.. Next time me bikin me put e photo..

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Football: Kelantan vs Felda last night.

Football: Kelantan vs Felda last night.

Me had to watch the game last night. Staying at his place no other channel available becoz them wanna watch the game. And me watched it with me number 4.

Long time ago since me watched me mean concentrate one. Usually me ignored and surf d net. Since me gadget was used by me number three.. Then there me concerntrating on the game.

No comment from me just me happy got lucky to watch the 2 goals.. And watching MatDaud too.

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Resepi Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak. Printscreen.

Thank you to sister who gave me the Resepi Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak after me already done with me ikan patins..

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She is two.

Time flies. She is already two months old. How me wish could freeze the moment. Meaning me time gonna end real soon.

Had so many things in mind. But none so far became reality. Oh, how is that so?

What me life gonna be in three weeks time? Ah.. Don wanna think about it yet. Enjoy me moment while me still can maaa

At two months she is scheduled to be vaccinated. Well.. Will see how..

Owh. And will update the immunization schedule soon. Therefore me might not forget. Me know that me is the worst patient..

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Resepi Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak : simple.

Resepi Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak : simple.
Pada suatu hari, me telah berjaya memasak ikan patin. Ikan tersebut adalah pemberian me brader. Pertamanya me telah bertanyakan resepi ikan patin masak tempoyak ni dari me sister. Tanya dia kerana me pernah makan masakannya original asli dari Pahang, negeri yang signature dish ini.
Namun hampa kerana tiada resepi dari beliau. Jawabnya google sahaja. Lalu me mengambil keputusan mencari resepi ikan patin masak tempoyak yang simple. Rupanya ada berbagai versi di internet. Hasilnya me ambil yang simple dan asli masakan Pahang.
Resepi Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak.
Dalam periuk me masukkan air, tempoyak, cili dan kunyit ditumbuk, asam keping. Kemudian apabila mendidih me masukkan daun kesum dan ikan patin. Garam dan gula secukup rasa.
Sukatan bahan bahan adalah mengikut gerak hati ya.

Kuahnya kalau pekat lebih umph.
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3 out of 25

Alhamdulillah done day 3.. 22 days to go. Me note here as me easily forgotten . Maybe due to aging process.
For now the challenge is more, but me hafta b strong to finish them sooner.

The other day again me made Resepi Ikan Singgang. The idea came since me did the entry tat day . Before that were tempoyak ikan patin. The recipe will be updated later. Also for me future reference. The hard part is always the amount of salt and sugar to taste. Ugh.. Very challenging ma..

Ok. Enjoy the pic.

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Not so many friends who came to visit me. Very excited when one did pay a visit. This is me name mate. Since hi school we were friends. Grew up together and we knew each other goods and bads..

Our ups and downs.. Tears and cheers.. Owh how we missed those time. And now again us as moms. Time flies. Yes.. Real fast. To put the memory here. So me still can read in the future when we grew bigger.. (not older.. Hehe)..


She queen

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Resepi ikan singgang.

The other day we had the above conversation. Yes, noticed that other ingredient was used in the recipe. Therefore here me again posting the Resepi Ikan Singgang for me future reference.(and others too).. Since me not routinely cooking.. So me tend to forget things.. Plis don't laugh okay..

The Resepi Ikan Singgang as follows:
Asam keping
Bawang merah &putih
And in ikey & bendi & lada
Salt dan gula to taste.

Originally from me mother.

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Photographers wannabe.

Pictures speak a thousand words. All of us talented to be one photographer. Me too. Envy me uncle who has so much skills to perform. And me excuse was me younger than him and me bz handling kids.
He, with only a click can capture excellent pic. But me.. Hafta select from many.. But still me love taking piccas.. Ngehngeh.

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Baby's Day Out.

This is baby's first time outing in her stroller. Together us with the uncle and the auntie. Doing some groceries. Lucky to have the adults tagging along. Helping me out with the kids of course.
To make sure the baby is not cranky when outing is to make sure the baby is really really comfortable ie: full tummy, slept well and the nappy already changed.

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Harimau Malaya.

TRW dftd by iraqi team. Poor them. Anyway, juz wanna put them photos here. Me team..




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Barber's visit & New Bike.

This is the story of me cuzzies. Yes, them me cuzzies. One is Iman who recently had gone for a visit to Barber. He's just only few months old and he was sitting properly while his hair being cut. What a behave boy. Thumbs up for him.

He is cute.

Oke, the trick was his father held him. But still he behaved well. Clap clap cute boy. His sister was excitedly watching too. They are 7 years indifference!

And the above girl Adnin got a bike as a reward for she fasted during last Ramadhan. Wide smile and congrats girl. Next year you may request for a car! :)

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Free Sample : Milk. Nestle NAN Grow.

Free Sample : Milk. Nestle NAN Grow.

Me forget when did me requested one. Then it became surprise parcel me got few days ago. And me noticed that this formula milk : NAN Grow is a product of Nestlé. It is the 100th year of Nestlé celebration.

This parcel me was posted by : see photo:

It is for child aged 1 up to three years of age. The taste is good. Me child likes it. Every child needs milk for their bone to grow. The most important mineral : Calcium. And the best is mother's milk from newborn up to two years.

And of course it is FREE.

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Resepi Nasi Hujan Panas.

It is Friday again. And me don't want time flies fast. Me don't want to return. Me wanna enjoy me time wif them.
Our lunch is Nasi Hujan Panas.
The Resepi Nasi Hijan Panas me got from various sites. In the end what me did turn to be me own throwing things into it and tadaaa the result was not that bad.

The Resepi Nasi Hujan Panas.
Beras basmathi 3cawan- basuh & rendam 5mins).
Firstly me tumis these things: bunga lawang, kayu manis, pelaga(3), bg cengkih(5), with 2 sudu besar mentega. Then add in bawang besar(dadu), halia n 2 bwg putih, daun pandan. Masukkan beras n kacau.masuk susu cair half cup. Masuk garam skit..Biar seketika then masukkan campuran ke dalam Rice cooker. Masuk air 4 cawan dan 1/2cup susu cair. Then masakla automatik. Towards nak masak, cucuk2kan dengan colourings...

Ok done. Me ate dengan udang & ayam masak merah. Plus salsa tomato.

Oh, beside is iced cendol!
Me own version for me next time kalau mau bikin lagi. Till then.Enjoice.
Happy Birthday to Emino.(14/9)
& getwellsoon me lil Bro who met an accident yesterday.Minor injury with cut on big toe with t&s.
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Blogpress from my iPhone.

Me love to use this apps
Blogpress from my iPhone as me can update me journal here on the go. Like while me entertaining d kids, in d car etc.

What me loovee d most is not this "Blogpress from my iPhone" only maaa.. me very fond of the camera of course.. The average photos taken were so many till me lost count. You know like me hafta clear out me closet on monthly basis.

And me not the Samsung family whilst me family about 30% are. (family means extended here).


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Father's Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me dear Dad. You r our superhero. And we do love you behind ur back.

Oh so serious!

Hello sista,
U think dad replied to u only meh?

He did to me oso ma...

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She is my Trudy & Teddy ❤

Found it here!

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WhatsApp is not Functioning.?

Or it is just d group dat is not active meh?
Sister odi update pics of us. But still me want to write something bout it.

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Cool Blog.

Yes Cool Blog. Not that me saying me blog is cool but it is a type of drink. Came with many flavours.
Me tried the haven't tried flavour recently. After me cousin posted it on IG. Cool breeze it was.

And the above one was him with his favret black cupcake.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends..

It was another song me used to listen to.The post title is what me talking about.

Its been awhile since me did the baking. Then today, while me sister around then we made some baking.

Shared joy is double joy!!!

Me two assistants. Gracias both of u.

End product- pavlova.

Pre bake chocoa cupcakes. Lucky we did it as after that our relatives came for a visit.

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Sister's Birthday.

May Happiness b showered upon you throughout the year. Be good be solehah n be wise.

Happy Birthday Che Sue..

Me got these photos only in me phone.
Me thinking of posting her childhood photo but unfortunately me don't have 'em at the moment.

Happy Birthday again..
Bila mau selebret.
Meh selebret sini..

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