Resepi Durian Crepe Simple.

A phenomena of "Durian Crepe" me must say. Therefore today me and other Half went hunting for durian.
Cost us RM4 per kg yo!

Resepi Durian Crepe Simple.
Bahan bahan.
1 cawan tepung gandum
1 cawan air
1/2 cawan susu cair
1 biji telur
1 sb tepung jagung
2 sb gula
1 sb minyak sayuran
Sedikit garam

Isi durian
Whipping cream ( me used readymade)

Cara cara.
Blend all above( except filling tu), then tapiskan.
Buatkan macam masak lempeng atas nonstick pan.
Masak sebelah aje.
Angkat then letak whipped cream dan isi durian. Lipat and siap!!!
Have a try all..

#still havent tried yet since me am fasting. Gonna wait later..

# Hope it taste good.. Please..
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Happy Birthday : Sister: Akmar.

To me you are a
Priceless commodity
A wealth of wisdom
You've been to me

If I have thoughts
I need to share
Always I know
That you will care

I always enjoy the things
We do together
When done with you
They’re always better

Our feelings for each other
Are entwined
A better sister
I could never find

From Mother of them above :..

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Resepi Asam Pedas Ikan Pari simple.

Shima gave me the recipe the other day. Alhamdulillah Shim, congrats on your pregnancy. Take good care of urself first ok dear!!

How me version?.. Btw u can find the ori recipe from me previous entry tagged "recipe".

Resepi Ikan Pari Asam Pedas Simple:
3 ketul ikan Pari - potong ikut suka.
4 ulas bawang merah.
3 ulas bawang putih.
1 inci halia.
Cili giling. 4sb( kalau type yg pedas tu kurangkanle).
Asam jawa paste ( me guna air asam jawa 1 mangkuk- self adjust kemasamannya ye).
2 biji bunga kantan.
Daun kesum
air/ garam/ gula.

Tumbuk/ blend bawang dan halia. Tumiskan dengan cili giling hingga pecah minyak.
Masukkan air.
Bila air mendidih masukkan ikan, bunga kantan, bendi.
Kemudian masukkan air asam jawa, perasakan dengan gula garam.
Masukkan daun kesum dan tomato.
Ready to eat!!

Its long overdue coz me dont have bunga kantan in the kitchen. Its hard to find unless in Peria..
it cost 2.99 in Tesco and 2.20 in Mydin. (for 3 of them).

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Happy Birthday Sister : DIANA.

A Life Worth Sharing

From the beginning,
Our childhood years.
You stood by my side,
Like a shorelines high tide.

We journeyed through Everest,
Experiences afar!
When I was in trouble,
You were always my double.

As we grew older,
We didn't slow down.
From birthdays to weddings,
To a childs cute beddings.

As time would escape us,
Your voice was so neat,
Memories to cherish,
A sister so sweet.

Happy Birthday!
My partner in crime.
When we're together,
Life seems so - sublime

by Martin Dejnicki

Looks like me the youngest and u the eldest.. Hehe..

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Salam MAAL HIJRAH .. Azam Baru.

Yes Salam to all.
Time flies very fast.
Me would like to wish belated birthday to Hilman and CikNono.

Again we did our routine- cupcakes!! Total production of cupcakes were : 18!! Me doubled the ingredient..

And me found a very nice curry recipe that me will update it later..

Nice means tried already..


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First time masak Ikan Salmon Simple Recipe.

The other day me went shopping . Earlier that day me watched chef cooking Salmon. So wanna try it.

The cost for above piece, $5.

Me put black pepper, salt and lemon. Then put on non stick pan with bit oil. Few minutes only.

Then after that serve with carrot and potatoes ..

Not bad.

Original recipe from all Of course me did adjust bit..

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Resepi Kek Pelangi Simple.

Kids menolong.

Makan time!!

Me activity today adalah membakar kek . Tiba tiba teringin nak makan kek Pelangi ni atau marble colourful.
Resepi Kek Pelangi Simple.
Bahan bahan
1 1/2 cawan gula castor
1 1/2 cawan mentega
5 biji telur
3 cawan tepung
1 st baking powder
Bancuhan susu tepung sikit
Esen vanilla
Cara cara;
Pukul gula dan mentega hingga kembang. Masuk kan telur satu persatu. Masuk tepung, baking powder, susu dan Esen vanilla.
Asingkan dan warnakan..

Bakar 160 degree (api bawah je), untuk 35-45 mins( me did 45)..

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