Ciktiey & UncleJohn balik kampung..

Ciktiey came home for her short break in November. Of course with her Hubster; John.(omputeh betul nama).

Here are pics of them in our kampung! Our beautiful kampung..(village).

Ciktiey is good at taking own pics.

#3 with his uncle. Very excited.

Them .

They love seeing cows. It was in the evening where it was time to get cows back home. I used to do this job. Together with my youngest auntie. At those time we got to take out the goats and sheep. Tied them at coconut trees.. I was not too good at tying them. Always asked my auntie to do it for me(cheat rite?). Oh, how I misses those time. And, swimming in the "tali air".. Now no more.. Swimming in the beach only..

The cows belongs to my uncle.

The tractor.(kids loved it!)

The village.


Done with the evening walk!

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Berkhatan / Bersunat Adam (circumcision).

This is Adam. Dear cousin. He is eight years old this year. On the 20th Aug.

He had his circumcision done by his cousin whom he called 'Abang Ja'. Hey Adam, i knew the whole chronology of the event. I was not around to assist. But, phewww.. in the end u succeeded. It was on the nov 25th. And Mok did cook yellow glutinous rice for us! Yummy of course.

Two days later i was assigned to check the wound. And Adam, you are so dramatic and i think the 'novel' words inherited from your ummi's hobby( reading novels). At last again u succeeded! Congrats.

Purposely writing this as remembrance .. So that you can read it again again Adam.. That's about it.:)

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They are my cousins. They grow up fast!! Feels like only yesterday i 'm holding them as babies.

Grow well and healthy and wise and solehah girls.

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Indoor Playground.

Our spot.

The advantage for its indoor Playground . Who doesnt love it?

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TokBah's BFF = PokCikSoh & MokCikMah.

One fine day us were invited to their child's wedding. Such a simple event.

The menus were;
Nasi putih, ulaman n Kari Ikan.
Laksa lemak ofkos.
Air sirap must have!

Cikmat & PokCikSoh .

Family picture.


Another family foto

Going back...

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Pavlova by Ciktiey & Pancake.

Ciktiey tried the recipe! Congrats for the success.. She made in 2 types. Cupcake size and normal round one.

Easy to eat one.

Mia posing with the bigger version.

The pancake in the making.


Time to eat!! Look at #3' s excited face yo
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Srikandi Love : Telekung & me beloved

At last me found this favourite Telekung. One for me mom and for meself.. ThankYou Aida Awani tf948..



Close up




Daddy (wah gitu)

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Resepi Beef Stew & Gulai Kuning Ayam

Me did this long time ago.
Recipe will b updated soon..

The Simple recipe from CikNoNo.

Putu Piring.
Me prefer Putu Halba... ;)

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tf948 visiting Lisa Sansom 1.11.12.

She is Roserq's 2nd princess. Arranged w Zah n went to see this newborn.
Yes.. Meeting Rose after 19 years...

The baby.

The sister.

Sara loves Zah !!


The proud dad.


Two of them.

Baby Lisa.


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Random Post.

The pic me dun want to delete from me phone.

The day #4 swims.

She later..

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