Resepi Pulut Durian Simple & Cara cara memakannya.

We had Pulut Durian today!! Mother prepared for us!(siblings- don't jealous ..)

The above pic shows what is needed to make one! Clockwise- Pulut yang ditanak penuh TLC, santan suam2, gula Melaka (nissey) & a lot of durians!!!

Easy peasy- mix all and eat.
BUT BUT BUT.. Please follow these steps below so that ur Pulut Durian will be very delicious !! Trust me!!
The steps are especially for me aunty Sue!

Dalam pinggan letakkan santan.
Then letakkan gula Melaka atau gula. Mix.

Kemudian letak durian.
Gaulkan- guna jari jemari okeh..

Finally, inilah hasilnya..
Me had 2 plates of this Pulut Durian.

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