The other day we went to TEMAN Kb. It was already ten o clock. So not much left to be surveyed. But still it was an exciting place one has to go.

We went on Saturday and there was Pasar Tani ongoing.( I do not know whether it is everyday or not).

The meat, chicken and fish stuff was in another big building here. There was Ayam Madu costed rm5/kg but was sold out. We got rm5.3/kg chicken in the end.

Look at this smart lil boy. So funny.

He loved seeing fish also. Selayang fish at rm7/kg. cool huh.

And, grateful that God has planned the best for us.

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Salam Maulidur Rasul.

This is my first entry for 2013. 2012 had been good to us, blessed with number 4. Long holidays and etc.
Recap: we went to Malacca & Kuantan last year for our 2 in 1 programme of course. This year.. Hmm.. We will look and see how lah.

The stories shall be shared but depends on my mood.(uh).

I have created a new watermark! Yeay..

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