Bukit Gambang Resort City BGRC. Bukit Gambang Waterpark.

Bukit Gambang Resort City BGRC. Bukit Gambang Waterpark.

Assalamualaikum readers.
(beware: loads of pictures)

So, we went to the Waterpark. A last minute plan that succeeded in the end. I am writing this as my reference in the future. Yes this is our first visit to this BGRC. More specific, the Waterpark itself.

It took us about 15 minutes from our astana's Homestay (Tq auntie).

And this signboard indicates we're reaching the Waterpark .(ehem ehem eshue)..

Booked this Arabian Bay Resort 1week prior to visit via phone. We have to pay MYR100 in advance eventhough using the voucher (peak season). Sentoria Theme Park via Maybank.

The lil diva was so happy.

And amused.

They were very excited.

The ticket costs MYR23.90 for adult, MYR16.90 for kids >90cm. Bought the tickets, with eValue MYR50(to be used inside for food, tube &locker -MYR15). Given wristbands and here we went.

Lil diva again.

Number three happy.

Number one

Hotdog was MYR8 each.

Ice cream for MYR2

Number two.

Very very excited

Overall, spent only 2hours inside. And three main part that attracted us.

Kids love this place. Who is not right?

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Random by number three.

This was taken when his sis n bro went to their nanny's.
So in order to entertain him, I brought him to this place.

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The Traditional Way.

Asalamualaikum .
Our breakfast the other day.
Price list:

Nasi lemak $1.00
Nasi tumpe (ikan&udang) $1.50
Nasi dagang ikan ayo $1.50
Tapai 10-$3.00
Tepum bukuh 5-$1.00
Pulut panggey 5- $1.00
Tepum apey 3-$1.00

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Resepi Kari Kepala Ikan Merah Simple.

Resepi Kari Kepala Ikan Merah Simple. - My Very Own Version.

- Assalamualaikum.
We had a beautiful lunch today. Alhamdulillah, all praise to God.
Earlier I did browse the net for the Kari Kepala Ikan Resepi. Since parent gave us the fish and my other half requested for Fish Head Curry.
How I made it?
After looking at few recipes, I tried my own version. The basic almost the same.
Cara Memasak Kari Kepala Ikan : Resepi Ringkas & Mudah.
Panaskan minyak untuk menumis.
Masukkan bahan yang telah ditumbuk.(halia, kunyit, 5 bawang merah, 5bawang putih)
Masukkan yg telah dihiris (5bawang merah)
2 kayu manis.
Bila dah wangi, tambah pes kari ikan cap Baba (5sudu besar + air)
Kemudian masukkan air asam jawa 1 mangkuk.
Biarkan mendidih.
Masukkan santan (3/4 santan kotak)
Air secukupnya (ikut kepekatan yang disukai)
Bila mendidih, masukkan ikan dan biarkan didih lagi.
Masukkan 2 daun pandan.
Perasakan dengan garam + gula.
The crucial thing was not there if all of you noticed - curry leaves.. Yeah.
And some other things too-
That's it My very own Fish Head Curry live from ESville.
Go give it a try.. ( i mean u sisters!)
And congrats to My sister who is gonna be a mother in 9 months time: Insyaallah .. Hey my second niece/ nephew.. So am still young!)
Pics up there not related to this post- btw credits to for it.

The Fish Head Curry.
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Tok Bali Beach.

Tok Bali Beach is the nearest beach to our home. We love going there once in a while.(home is my mom's).

Last school holiday, we went with the kids and cousins. It was fun playing around. Together with newly wed ciktiey n uncle Jon.

The wind was so strong. We did enjoy it.

The breathtaking scenery.

They were having fun.

Ciktiey with kakmili.

We came here purposely for this delicious fried mee by PokLoh. His stall is the nearest to the beach.

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DhameerIman,FareezFhaisal & AisyAidan.

They are BFFs who fell sick on the same day.
Speedy recovery to all of "em..

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My Princess number two.

She is already 7m.
She has progressed well.
According to her age.
A bit late to turn over but now already crawling and going to cruising soon. But her weight is not drastically increasing past 2 months.
Her intake is good I must say.
I hope she"ll grow healthy and wealthy inside out. Insya Allah.
And currently she's having flu, must be viral.get well soon princess.

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