Tok Bali Beach.

Tok Bali Beach is the nearest beach to our home. We love going there once in a while.(home is my mom's).

Last school holiday, we went with the kids and cousins. It was fun playing around. Together with newly wed ciktiey n uncle Jon.

The wind was so strong. We did enjoy it.

The breathtaking scenery.

They were having fun.

Ciktiey with kakmili.

We came here purposely for this delicious fried mee by PokLoh. His stall is the nearest to the beach.

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pB said...

kalu balik , jarae gie alah kok nie.
Dok sokmo gie Pantai Cahaya Bulae jah ....

Dekat sikit

salam perkenalan dari pB said...

Try la g sini. Best gak. N mesti try mee tu deh.
Slm knl pB