Abpbh 2013 my version.

Abpbh 2013 my version.
Assalamualaikum ,
I bet people are glued to tv3 for Abpbh 2013. Well, me too? But as side dish. My main course right now of course my most popular stars...

The Anugerah Bintang2 Popular for me this year goes to ...

Them. Yes them.

Currently am down with fever. High grade one but unknown source. Gratefully thanking God for this as I can sit down thinking of slowing down my pace..

So people.
Enjoy your day.

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Al Hafiz Mandy Rice - Resepi Nasi Arab Super Simple.

Al Hafiz Mandy Rice - Resepi Nasi Arab Super Simple.

Assalamualaikum .
Ketemu lagik.

Today i made the Mandy Rice aka Nasi Arab. Did once before and due to positive feedback, then I decided to cook it again today . The original recipe took from the net, however, being me , I did change a bit.

Enjoy this picture first. Safe and sound in the gaster already.

3 group / level of cooking.
1. The stock
2. The rice
3. The Salata (sauce)

And I did cook spicy chicken and salad.

1.the stock.
(u can use either beef/mutton/ bones)- earlier version I made with beef-
Mari meneruskan.
1/2kg daging kambing
3cawan air( saya telah melebihkan)
15 buah pelaga
15 bunga cengkih
15 lada hitam
Jintan putih ( I did not add in)
1 inch halia(ketuk)

Semua bahan ini direbus untuk dijadikan stok untuk masak nasi. Saya telah melebihkan supaya dapat buat sup.

2.the Rice
3 cawan beras basmathi.
1 labu bawang besar
5 buah pelaga
5 lada hitam
5 bunga cengkih
2sudu mentega/ minyak sapi
1 tomato
Panaskan mentega/ minyak sapi
Tumiskan bahan rempah & bawang. ( the other day i put baryani spice a bit)Masukkan beras, daging kambing(dari rebusan tadi), dan juga stok air rebusan daging 3 cawan. Kacau dan biarkan mendidih. Masuk kan tomato dan garam. Transfer ke dalam rice cooker dan masak seperti biasa.yellow colour to put(what i did was with tumeric powder)

3.The Salata sauce.
2 lada merah
1/2 bawang besar
2 tomato
Daun ketumbar ( i put mint leaves)
Lemon (i put vinegar)
Salt n sugar to taste.

Blend all and done. Perasakan dengan salt sugar vinegar.

Alhamdulillah .. One happy gaster..

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Arabian Bay Resort.

Assalamualaikum ..

I'm sharing more pictures taken at ABR - Arabian Bay Resort in BGRC, Bukit Gambang Resort City,Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia.

The method of booking was smooth. Booked Family Deluxe Room which has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, the living room and kitchen corner with small icebox.

It has also a safety deposit box in main bedroom. In addition, there was also iron & ironing board. The Qiblah direction and praying mat was also provided(clap clap).

Eventhough the wifi connection was not that ok, at least they provide one. The only thing lack is that about the tv channels, unexpectedly they do not supply Astro channel. But, since it was discounted- I may keep my words.

Water heater & kettle was avaible too. Do not worry.

The best part,
Its pool..(to our kids)

Beside the pool there was artificial beach with artificial sand. Clean and white !

The pool has 3 levels.
1- for kids
2- adults
3- jacuzzi

We enjoyed our time there. We cannot wait to stay at Arabian Bay Resort again.
And the staffs were friendly.

How about the food?
We did not have the chance to try it as auntie invited us to join her for dinner at her place.
Till we meet again.

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