'Eid 1434H.

It is still Syawal 1434H. This year our turn at Tokmi's. And for the 1st time our CikTiey celebrated far in land below the wind .. Of course with her beloved other half. This post specially made for her.

Below; early morning- our breakfast.

"Selamat Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin CikTiey & Uncle John"
Tokmi with Cikmat.
Tokbah gave angpau.
The smart boy
The youngest grandchild.
We got our mini studio.
Noticed tokmi with her first outfit.
Beautiful girls.
Her excited face receiving angpow.
I like the last picture. 

The first part only ni CikTiey .. Some more later.


Pre Raya Preparation.

Salamun 'alaik. 
We had fun preparing the "kuih raya" that day. The kids were very happy helping the chef. Especially this little masterchef to be. 

Will be posting the end product . Wait ya.. 


tf948 at KB burger bakar cafe.

My favourite place to hang out with my friends.
Knew them from age of 13.
Love ya girls. 
Zahrap & ShikinM

Re united MD2005. ( KB Burger Bakar Cafe)

We had joy 
We had fun.
To be re united with friends is one of the sweet little happy thing happened.
Good friends get together. 
KakMi & Ebo paid a visit.


Ramadhan Kareem 1434H

It's another month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah .

For record, i have completed my almost a month of ganti puasa. Alhamdulillah . It was hard i must say as others are not fasting with me.

Felt impossible in the first place, Alhamdulillah I made it.
My hope for this Ramadhan 1434H is that it will be better than previous years. Try to correct myself in many ways. And I hope u do the same too.

May God Bless Us.