Lavender Farm, Cameron Highlands.

Lavender Farm, Cameron Highlands.

It is a new attraction there. 
The entrance fee was RM5 for adult and 
RM3 for kids.
It is a large farm. Very nice with beautiful flowers
all over.
Many pretty spots for picture taking.

And it was really nice.


Congratulations on your graduation.

To KakLong Alia,
Semoga berjaya & Bahagia Dunia Akhirah.
If you are planning to get married inform us much earlier so we can save the date (whenever it will be "lah" .) of course we are busier than the Prime Minister.

And to CikMat. Don't be sad. 

“@DoaIndah: Paling dekat seorang hamba kepada Robbnya ialah ketika ia bersujud maka perbanyaklah do'a (saat bersujud) (HR. Muslim)”


Hey I love this!

Don't you love strawberries? 

Kea Farm Cameron Highlands.

Kea Farm Cameron Highlands.

After a short Homestay simple breakfast we
continue day 2.

Another a must visit.
Kea Farm.
We love to buy fresh vegetables and strawberries

There were a lot of offers by the strawberry seller.
Just pick which one you like.

I did buy a pack of big ones , rm13/ pack.
To my surprise it was sweet!

There was this one souvenir shop by the roadside we went each visit. And bought few things there. For the kids.

Dinner at Tanah Rata & souvenir Shops.

Dinner at Tanah Rata & souvenir Shops.
We had dinner at Tanah Rata. 
The place was not bad at all.
I noticed there were variety of food sold there.

There was steamboat too, but being villager, we go 
for nasi.

Nearby, there were few outlets selling souvenirs. We had to buy socks for the kids as the weather was extra cold. Due to the rain of course. 
The kids again bought animal designed caps . Number three initially chose cow but later on changed to tiger!

 At ten pm we called it a day.

S corner Cameron Highlands.

S corner Cameron Highlands.
It is a new place.
We went before going to the night market on day 1.
We tried the so long wanted Scone there.
Do not laugh, it was my first time.
And I think it was just nice. 
We had combo rm16 included cheese cake, scone,
and two cups honey tea.

The place got two food outlets, souvenir's 
Shops, strawberry park, vege stalls and washrooms..

The only minus point was the exit way was very
steep. Be careful. 

Night Market in Cameron Highlands.

Night Market in Cameron Highlands.


It was our first time visit to the night market.
Of course the most excited were the kids.
They got robot. At rm10.
Also blanket. Rm10/piece.

Bought tshirts as souvenir to my number 4.
The interesting thing we found was "kelapa 
Laut" fruit. I think its texture is similar to buah
Tal. It cost rm2 for the drink and rm5 
For a fruit. 

The drink made by boiling the fruit with 

Cameron Highlands: Multicorps shop.

Cameron Highlands: Multicorps shop.

One of our favourite Shop in Cameron Highlands. 
I fancy the place very much.
There were so many pretty plants, be it flowers cactus etc.
The kids just love that place.
You know why.

They loved the ride of course . Who does not?

I recommend you readers to buy tea and such here as
I find it cheaper than others.

The strawberry coffee for example sold at rm11.90
while at the other stall it cost rm15. Wow..
And, if you are not that detail, you might be
buying the not original one. 
Be careful.

“@FRIENDSHlP: Everybody's worried about what the next person is doing or what's going on in their life.”

Pick Your Own Strawberry - a must do for first timer.

Pick Your Own Strawberry - a must do for first timer.

Our first time was few years ago.

And this time around, since my kids are big enough, we decided to do this activity.  We went to Kea Farm Cameron Highlands. We paid rm80 for 6 of us with the kids . 

We were given chance to pick 2.5kg strawberries. The tips is: pick the bigger strawberries because they are sweeter!.  The kids were so happy themselves.


Happy Birthday John.

To John Ciktiey ( bukan Nama orang putih) 

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

Ice Cream Strawberry - a must have in Cameron Highlands.

Ice Cream Strawberry - a must have in 
Cameron Highlands.

Salam readers.
After having lunch at the Homestay, we headed to
Kg Taman Sedia. Initially we thought that
 we can pick our own strawberry there . To our disappointment 
it was not allowed there. We decided to get
Strawberry ice creams.. For rm2/pack, it was 
nice. This place ( I forgot the name) located
nearby kindergarten and playground if you would 
like to try. 

We had to be quick as it was raining towards
The evening.

“@FRIENDSHlP: Dear God, thank you for today, yesterday, and tomorrow. My family, my joys, my sorrows. For all that made me stronger.”

Dnaz Homestay / Cameron Highland Trip 2013.

Dnaz Homestay / Cameron Highland Trip

Salam again.
We stayed at dnaz Homestay located in 
Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands. For 
rm220, per night, it was a brilliant decision.

There were 3 rooms with 2 toilets, kitchen and 
living room. There were extra mattress too.
There was no air conditioner. Haha.
And there was shower with heater.

However, it was at the 4th floor, not suitable 
For those with OA .

For us, during the peak season with such price, I think it was with 

If any of you interested, just google this Homestay.

Quote not related.
“@FRIENDSHlP: Sometimes people don't notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them”

Takoyaki home made by bbf.

Salam readers.

Takoyaki made with love from my bbf. 
I feel very fortunate to have such a kind workmate. She graduated from Japan u. 

I used to learn Japanese back then in high school as our optional language. The other choices were Arabic and French. I had attended interview to further my studies in Japan however I did not make it.

Back to Takoyaki . 
She prepared all by herself. Very delicious! As per picture below. 
I never tried any before.
So I could not imagine the taste. 
It was very tasty, I tell you"
The ingredient 100% from Japan. 
I like it, so do the kids. 

I hope she will make more Japanese food for me. Ahaks..

"“@Laughbook: To be old and wise, you first must be young and stupid.”


Trip to Cameron Highlands 2013 / Part 1; RnR Gua Musang.

Assalam readers.

Trip to Cameron Highlands 2013.
September 2013.
The plan was totally from the kids and their dad. After we went to the beach earlier, kids request to go on holiday on the hill. In addition their newly wed uncle also would love to join.
The booking was 100% by their dad.
I managed to capture this signboard as a proof to our cousin. Even we did not have the chance to pay a visit, we just visited the signboard only 'lah' .
At about 11 am , we reached this RnR Gua Musang. There were a lot of people there since it was a long weekend and they were going to the same destination . I thought I saw my auntie's friend there, a teacher accompanying bunch of school kids on a bus trip.

My nĂºmero uno posed for my camera( built in).

The princess on a swing. In her own fantasy world.
This brilliant little boy and his favourite spot.

And my number four.. I adore this one. Don't you?

I always wanted to spend a short holiday there with MokMoh's clan. We did plan.. A lot, but still on the way to success. Hoping that maybe next year we can go to.. Hmmm at least KK , bah.. To ciktiey's.. Hehe.

Pantai Perkasa, Bachok.

Pantai Perkasa Bachok is One of those attractive beaches in the East Coast Malaysia. 
30 km from Kota Bharu city. 

It was a last minute plan. 
Mother prepared " bubur durian".
Then they bought nasi bungkus & meehun.

#4 enjoyed the sand so much.

Mother,and the excited sister posing.
Family photo.
The unique hut.
The Beach.
#3 & numero uno. 

Beautiful day..


Family photo "Eid 1434H

Incomplete family photo.
CikNono CikJiji Ayiss
Cikma UncleChik
Eshue CikMat Tokmi
Emi Tokmi Along
These photos were taken before going to AbahYa's house. We met the rest of MokMoh's clan there. We did not manage to go to Opah's house this year as we rushed to Mama's. 

I noticed that we do not have much time as before.. It has to be shared between two important families.

However, every year is special. This year too has its own speciality..(without ciktiey around?.. Hehe)


Salam salaman 'Eid 1434H day 1.

Still day 1 morning.
We had salaman.. Forgiving each other.

Cik nono, Tokbah and grandchildren.
Tokmi's outfit 2nd.
Unclechik n Tokbah .

Daughter - mother, son - father moment.
Cikjiji and Tokbah .
Cikma and uncleChik.
Hope next year ciktiey will be joining us.

"Eid 1434H: MokMoh's Clan.

Arrival to first destination. 

The Popular uncle. Eryna was amused!

Half of the clan.. Maybe less than that.

Beautiful mothers they own. 

The kids gossiping themselves.


Nurin n Sue.. Inter frame : Aidan .

Set hackers.

Nephew n CikYah.

Hackers mommy's phone

CikNgoh n AyohLi n Haziq.


Happy couple CikYah AyohCik.
On arrival, after salaman , we recited Yaasin at Ayoh's grave. Then we had great servings at AbahYa's: Nasi Dagang and satay. Grape drink! After sometime we had to leave earlier meanwhile others headed to Umi's place.

For our late Grandfather : Ayoh : AlFatihah.