"Eid 1434H: MokMoh's Clan.

Arrival to first destination. 

The Popular uncle. Eryna was amused!

Half of the clan.. Maybe less than that.

Beautiful mothers they own. 

The kids gossiping themselves.


Nurin n Sue.. Inter frame : Aidan .

Set hackers.

Nephew n CikYah.

Hackers mommy's phone

CikNgoh n AyohLi n Haziq.


Happy couple CikYah AyohCik.
On arrival, after salaman , we recited Yaasin at Ayoh's grave. Then we had great servings at AbahYa's: Nasi Dagang and satay. Grape drink! After sometime we had to leave earlier meanwhile others headed to Umi's place.

For our late Grandfather : Ayoh : AlFatihah.

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