Dnaz Homestay / Cameron Highland Trip 2013.

Dnaz Homestay / Cameron Highland Trip

Salam again.
We stayed at dnaz Homestay located in 
Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands. For 
rm220, per night, it was a brilliant decision.

There were 3 rooms with 2 toilets, kitchen and 
living room. There were extra mattress too.
There was no air conditioner. Haha.
And there was shower with heater.

However, it was at the 4th floor, not suitable 
For those with OA .

For us, during the peak season with such price, I think it was with 

If any of you interested, just google this Homestay.

Quote not related.
“@FRIENDSHlP: Sometimes people don't notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them”

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