Trip to Cameron Highlands 2013 / Part 1; RnR Gua Musang.

Assalam readers.

Trip to Cameron Highlands 2013.
September 2013.
The plan was totally from the kids and their dad. After we went to the beach earlier, kids request to go on holiday on the hill. In addition their newly wed uncle also would love to join.
The booking was 100% by their dad.
I managed to capture this signboard as a proof to our cousin. Even we did not have the chance to pay a visit, we just visited the signboard only 'lah' .
At about 11 am , we reached this RnR Gua Musang. There were a lot of people there since it was a long weekend and they were going to the same destination . I thought I saw my auntie's friend there, a teacher accompanying bunch of school kids on a bus trip.

My nĂºmero uno posed for my camera( built in).

The princess on a swing. In her own fantasy world.
This brilliant little boy and his favourite spot.

And my number four.. I adore this one. Don't you?

I always wanted to spend a short holiday there with MokMoh's clan. We did plan.. A lot, but still on the way to success. Hoping that maybe next year we can go to.. Hmmm at least KK , bah.. To ciktiey's.. Hehe.

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