Congo Bar Recipe.

Assalamualaikum . 
A friend of mine loves to ig her Congo Bar making me excited to try one. Since I do not know where to buy, decided to bake one.
But , I reserved my comment because I have not tasted it before.

For my own reference next.
2 & 2/3 cup of flour added to it 2&1/2 tsp baking powder & 1/2 salt. Stir and set aside.

Softened 2/3 cup or 150g butter mix with 300g brown sugar.add 3 eggs one by one.mix well. Add flour mixture to it slowly. Add 200g choc chips & choc chunk. 

Bake in 170 Pre heated oven for 30 mins. Since I used the cake tray, so my duration of baking was increased to 50 minutes.
Alhamdulillah .. Not bad.. But not very good. 

Ps: kids request for teddy bear cookies but successfully distract them because I really wanted to try this. Next time kids.

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