Peace Saturday Nasi Arab.

We had a fruitful today . 
What it meant to me was I did cooking at my IL, as it was rare.. Repeat, rare to me.

Mother gave me spice mixture for 'nasi arab' the other day for free. The recipe was also attached to the package. Just follow the simple steps and your nasi Arab will be ready! Cook the mixture with chicken/meat till 70% cook, then add in rice. Mix and put salt into it. Lastly, put all in rice cooker , add some water and let it cook!

I divided into 2, 500g each. The first batch I use chicken. And today we did with mutton( as per requested- rm18/kg).

P/s: the nasi Arab was not included in the picture.
The salata  includes; chillies , tomato, onion, lime and saltsugar.
The salad; cucumber, carrot, tomatoes and dressing with saltsugar lime.
The drink; mandarin sunquick with lime juice.

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