Congo Bars Resepi: Super Simple!


Congo Bars Resepi: Super Simple.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1436.
What is your new year resolution?

Today I made another congo bars. My modified recipe after browsing the net.
This is my second time making the congo bars.

Let's start.
Things you need.
250g Butter, brown sugar, 3 eggs, baking powder, flour, vanilla essence, choc cips & almond cips.

-mix 3 cups sugar with butter.
-then add 3 eggs, vanilla essence.mix well.
-add 3 cups flour with 2 1/2 baking powder.
-lastly add choc cip (to your preference )
- preheat oven 180 degree for 15mins.
-bake your congo bars for 30 minutes!

This is before baking.

The happy chef.
I got 25 pieces. From 10x10 size tray.
The presentation.

Ready to eat.
Thank you kids for helping.


Benign acute childhood myositis, stiff-legged gait.

Assalamualaikum .
Benign acute childhood myositis, stiff-legged gait.

When we were on vacation in April this year, my number three had experienced this.
He had fever for two days earlier and on third day he complained that he had pain on his calves. 
He was crawling to move. Pity him.
Given symptomatic medication to ease him. Was quite nervous actually since I could not think of any cause. 

Alhamdulillah found this info and I was quite confirmed on the diagnosis.

Resepi Pengat Nangka.

Assalamualaikum .
Some of our ifthor menu.

Resepi pengat Nangka.
Simple by me.
Put coconut milk, add in brown sugar, when it boils put the jackfruit inside.

Hope this ramadhan is better than before.


Birthday Cake.

Assalamualaikum .
Happy birthday to 2 ramadhan kids and a June boy.


Assalamualaikum .
On rare occasion got the chance
to send him.
May you learn from the best.


Salamun 'Alaik.
Aktiviti menonton kambing secara 'live'


Mr Kabab Biryani restaurant. Putrajaya.

Mr Kabab & Biryani Restaurant.
Planned earlier to try original Arabic cuisine. So I did revision on the net earlier and found this place.
It was before lunch time and lucky not many customers around yet.
Many varieties on the menu. 

The interior design was exclusive .
And these what we ordered.
Lamb Mandy rice
Chicken Mandy
Fries( for the kids)
Look at the big portion served!
I could not forget the taste!
Awesome. Alhamdulillah for the chance to taste it.
The most interesting part of this restaurant is its kids area. 
So the kids will be occupied with toys around and not boring waiting.
How they love this area.
And we love and recommend this place for a tasty Arabic food.

After that we went to marine park searching for dinasour exhibition seen on the banner along the road.
To our dissappointment the place was closed.

Dataran Putrajaya.

Assalamualaikum .
Dataran Putrajaya .
Back in April, we decided for family vacation. So to putrajaya we went.
I remember the last time went was during my college time.
Family postcard.

We stayed at 3 different houses there. Thanks to my big family.
The Dataran Putrajaya.
Requested to swim in here?
Kids love water!
Never perfect family photo.
With Rio the parrot.
The bird.
Kids and playground .
The slide.
Number three and four.
The ship.
These 3 kids sporting enough.
So happy.
Beautiful view.


Assalamualaikum .
Getting together with friends.
She came to sit for her exam. 
This was in April. A month later she came back for another exam.
Alhamdulillah so happy for her as she passed and qualified to become a step forward in her career.
Rezeki anak. 

#tf948 #md2005


Assalamualaikum .
Their photos with Tokmi.
And car.
Tokmi came to visit us.
We went to visit tokmi.
And went outing together to #3' favourite shop.

Random photos.

Assalamualaikum .
These photos are randomly picked to be put in this entry. 
Post school sport's day. Everybody got present . They were happy.

In car going to nanny's house.
The hardworking boy. He loves colouring.
Sometime we had motorcycle ride as requested by #3.
He asked her mother to wefie.
Love forever .

Weekend activity.

Assalamualaikum .
Weekend means balik kampung for us.
Paid a visit to Opah's. The kids very excited to watch PokPik's goats.
After that, we went to visit our new Mokmoh's member. A little baby boy.
A very quite and peace place to visit.
Then the next day, visiting another new member, their new cousin, also a baby boy.
And, this cheeky big boy requested his photo to be taken here.
Very sweet #4.
And mini ultrawoman.