Last day of month 1, 2014. Dhameen Imtiyaaz.

Last day of month 1, 2014. Dhameen Imtiyaaz.
Salamun 'alaik.

We had new addition to Mokmoh's clan recently.
Third child to our Nde Da. 
A 4.09kg baby, via vacuum assisted delivery..
Congrats to my aunt!..
Welcome baby.!!


Salam Maulidur Rasul. 14.1.14.

Salam Maulidur Rasul. 14.1.14. 

Salamun 'alaik!
Hello new year. What a busy me. Or lazy me?
No, I am not lazy. I did have so much idea to write
in here but it was too much ended up I did not 
do any.
In December( my favourite month) itself there 
was no entry for this blog.
Looking back, there were some events I would like 
to share:
1, I got 2 newborns in November. A nephew
Muaz, and a niece Iman.
2, we spent our birthday visiting (1st timer) 
my sister's.
3, brought the kids to national zoo.
4, busy registering the kids to new school.