My Fish Head Curry Recipe.

My Fish Head Curry Recipe.
Assalamualaikum .

Alhamdulillah it was a very fine day yesterday.
After quite sometimes I did not cook properly
I then decided to make one.

Here it goes.
I used Ikan bawal. Rm18/kg.

3 onion medium- chopped, 
3 garlic- chopped
Fenugreek , blackpepper , cinnamon.

Then I used 4spoonful fish curry powder.
A spoonful tamarind. 2 cups water.

When it boiled, add on fish and lady fingers
and cherry tomatoes.
Sugar & salt to taste!


Zoo Negara visit .

Salamun 'alaik.
Zoo Negara visit.

This entry is very long overdue.
Last December, we had an enjoyable trip to KL planned by Husband, to visit the National Zoo.

Day 1.
Early in the morning we went there. Prior to that i did googling about the Zoo. All the entrance fee and activities are available in the web!
The re united cousins. How happy they were.
While waiting for the tickets.
In the shuttle bus.
My no3, was very excited seeing the pony.
The area where the Zoo was filmed.
They were watching monkey- i did not know what species.
No3 the most happy boy on watching "dinasour egg"
Our happy family.
There were 2 souvenir shops here. Had t shirt for dear daughter.
And at twelve something it was a wrap!

We watched the animal show.. A lot of people were there. Packed!

Game Zone


Game Zone.
Another treat for the kids.
In jusco( i could not remember exactly which).
Shooting time.
He just love excavator!
Baby boo.
Both of them.
No 2 and no 3.
They had fun! So much!


Christmas Tree.


Christmas Tree.
The visit to KL was during christmas. 
Therefore we could see the decoration of christmas tree. 
We visited here after the Zoo. 
Bought food for lunch.
Christmas tree.
Happy boy.
Tq ciknono for having us. The first time visit to their home.
Genting sleepy.
The group.


Kedai Mamak ; Yusuf Bistro , Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Kedai Mamak Yusuf Bistro Bandar Mahkota Cheras. 
Mamak eatery is a must visit for me whenever in the city. My five years exposure to this type of food can never satisfy me. I must say it is unique in its own way. Thank you to my other half that understood my craving that day.
It was our second morning there. Before going to the next destination, we had our breakfast here. I planned yo eat nan cheese however it was not available in the morning. 
I opted for tosai instead. It was so delicious. Me being bias as i always fond to this kind of food.
The kids had roti canai- i think it was ok.

And this little girl was not very friendly that morning might be due to early awakening. And it was a wrap at BMC. Thank You Sue , Uncle, Adam , Adnin n Adheefa for your hospitality. Love you all.