Zoo Negara visit .

Salamun 'alaik.
Zoo Negara visit.

This entry is very long overdue.
Last December, we had an enjoyable trip to KL planned by Husband, to visit the National Zoo.

Day 1.
Early in the morning we went there. Prior to that i did googling about the Zoo. All the entrance fee and activities are available in the web!
The re united cousins. How happy they were.
While waiting for the tickets.
In the shuttle bus.
My no3, was very excited seeing the pony.
The area where the Zoo was filmed.
They were watching monkey- i did not know what species.
No3 the most happy boy on watching "dinasour egg"
Our happy family.
There were 2 souvenir shops here. Had t shirt for dear daughter.
And at twelve something it was a wrap!

We watched the animal show.. A lot of people were there. Packed!

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