Mr Kabab Biryani restaurant. Putrajaya.

Mr Kabab & Biryani Restaurant.
Planned earlier to try original Arabic cuisine. So I did revision on the net earlier and found this place.
It was before lunch time and lucky not many customers around yet.
Many varieties on the menu. 

The interior design was exclusive .
And these what we ordered.
Lamb Mandy rice
Chicken Mandy
Fries( for the kids)
Look at the big portion served!
I could not forget the taste!
Awesome. Alhamdulillah for the chance to taste it.
The most interesting part of this restaurant is its kids area. 
So the kids will be occupied with toys around and not boring waiting.
How they love this area.
And we love and recommend this place for a tasty Arabic food.

After that we went to marine park searching for dinasour exhibition seen on the banner along the road.
To our dissappointment the place was closed.

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