Congo Bars Resepi: Super Simple!


Congo Bars Resepi: Super Simple.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1436.
What is your new year resolution?

Today I made another congo bars. My modified recipe after browsing the net.
This is my second time making the congo bars.

Let's start.
Things you need.
250g Butter, brown sugar, 3 eggs, baking powder, flour, vanilla essence, choc cips & almond cips.

-mix 3 cups sugar with butter.
-then add 3 eggs, vanilla essence.mix well.
-add 3 cups flour with 2 1/2 baking powder.
-lastly add choc cip (to your preference )
- preheat oven 180 degree for 15mins.
-bake your congo bars for 30 minutes!

This is before baking.

The happy chef.
I got 25 pieces. From 10x10 size tray.
The presentation.

Ready to eat.
Thank you kids for helping.