it has been quite sometime.
Life has been good.

Today we did our own custom made pizza.
We use tortilla as base and the kid put tomato puree topped with sausages and cheesedale.
Baked at 180 degree with above and below heat.
 unfortunately unable to share the photo here.



trying to write the entry using mobile apps. Since it has been quite sometime from my last post.


Congo Bars Resepi: Super Simple!


Congo Bars Resepi: Super Simple.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1436.
What is your new year resolution?

Today I made another congo bars. My modified recipe after browsing the net.
This is my second time making the congo bars.

Let's start.
Things you need.
250g Butter, brown sugar, 3 eggs, baking powder, flour, vanilla essence, choc cips & almond cips.

-mix 3 cups sugar with butter.
-then add 3 eggs, vanilla essence.mix well.
-add 3 cups flour with 2 1/2 baking powder.
-lastly add choc cip (to your preference )
- preheat oven 180 degree for 15mins.
-bake your congo bars for 30 minutes!

This is before baking.

The happy chef.
I got 25 pieces. From 10x10 size tray.
The presentation.

Ready to eat.
Thank you kids for helping.